Andy's Raps


For archeologists I was a bit of a find
Cos I’m an ancestor of humankind
That’s right you there you’re related to me
I’m like a rad glad fur clad super bad grandad
Sitting near the top of your family tree!
my long arms were great for swinging with ease
But check out my new-improved super-strong knees to help me
stand up straight just like you can
a step up for a chimp - a giant leap for man! 

Cool Cat

There’s 36 species on my tree,
Some Cat’s are big and some cats tiny
I’ve got a cuz who’s king of the jungle
That’s why I’m always up for a rumble
Never can pin me down not this cat
I got the flow come and go through me cat flap!

Swing Like a Primate

British children's mockumentary television series, airing on CBBC. Produced by BBC Studios and WildBrain, the series follows the daily life of animals at Paignton Zoo and Living Coasts with a comic twist after they have been given human voices and computer-generated mouths.

Big Bear Boogie

Get down! I’m Brown! I’m the biggest bear in town!
I’ve got muscles in my shoulder hump
that would make a weight lifter weep
And claws in my paws to dig for food
and a den for my winter sleep
Up hill or down I can beat a horse
In a 30 mile an hour race
Put a cow on the floor with one swipe of a paw
And pip Olympic swimmers for pace! 

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