Children's TV

Since our first foray into Children's Television, we've been lucky enough to work on multiple projects often involving song and lyric writing.

Andy's Adventures

We first met Andy Day in 2011 when we pitched for the title of his first show "Andy's Wild Adventures". This was an ambitious project using clever lighting and Green Screen techniques along with CGI to get Andy up close and personal with all kinds of living creatures. We won the pitch, got on like a house on fire and have been writing music with him and for this show ever since.  Now in it's 5th series (Andy's Aquatic Adventures), the show has just won the Broadcast award for 'Best Pre-School Programme'

Andy and The Band

30 x 50 mins
As well as co-producing the production we wrote, produced and played the music for titles and every featured song in each episode. The second series explodes with more music, colour and locations as Andy and the Band risk missing their next gig by taking on super-weird odd jobs for their fans.  A madcap mix of songs, slapstick and silliness.

Andys Raps

For every series Andy's Adventures we've been asked to produce  raps about some of the animals covered in the programmes, encouraging kids to get inspired by nature and  learn facts through by engaging with music. This has been great fun for us drawing on our love of Old-School Hip-Hop and developing our skills in lyrical playfulness. To date we have 41 raps on Iplayer which have to date had 25 million views! Here are a few to sample...

Wild and Wierd

Join Tim Warwood and Naomi Wilkinson as they uncover the weirdest wildlife tales the planet has to offer!

The Zoo

British children's mockumentary television series, airing on CBBC. Produced by BBC Studios and WildBrain, the series follows the daily life of animals at Paignton Zoo and Living Coasts with a comic twist after they have been given human voices and computer-generated mouths.

Andy's Baby Animals

Preschool series exploring how baby animals learn skills such as climbing, swimming and getting around.

The Ultimate Masters of Bushcraft

The hilarious antics of CBBC Presenters Tim and Gendle as they show of their masterful survival techniques.

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