TV and Film

Chelsea Flower Show

15 x 50 mins (Chelsea) & 4 x 50min (Other Gardens)
Britain’s largest and world-renowned flower show celebrated it’s centenary with new graphics, music and gnomes! Over the course of 5 days the show attracted 157,00 visitors and the TV coverage was watched by 19 million viewers.
The music was inspired by the Psychedelic Soul of the Seventies, in order to enhance the kaleidoscopic effects used in the opening titles.

Killer Whales

BBC 'Natural World' 
1 x 60 mins
The killer whale was long feared as a sea monster until, in May 1964, one was brought into captivity for the first time. This spawned a journey into the Killer Whale’s true nature. It quickly became clear that these remarkable animals were not mindless killers, but highly intelligent and social creatures.
Our remit was to provide themes and tones to complement the fantastic footage and discoveries in the film as well as offering a strong sense of continuity. Later that year we recieved an RTS nomination for the score.

Deadly 60

BBC1, BBC2, CBBC - Series 1, 2 & 3
52 x 30 mins
BBC Natural History Unit
This BAFTA and RTS award-winning strand follows wildlife presenter Steve Backshall as he tracks down 60 of the world's deadliest animals. This young and fresh kids series is full of energy and pace. We composed music ranging from high octane to slow and reflective - comic and dark are in there too!

Morph - 'Twin Decks'

After nearly 40 years since his original creation,  Peter Lord (Aardman co-founder and Creative Director) launched a Kickstarter fundraising campaign  to create 12 new one minute episodes featuring Morph. The target was reached just eight days later, and it ended up raising over £110k, allowing for 15 new episodes to be made.
`This was the first.
Featuring Bristol's finest Jake McChurchie on Sax.

Titles And Commercials

Wallace and Gromit's World of Invention was a fun job. We were asked to bring new energy to the original Wallace & Gromit theme, in a way which would please Wallace! We recorded all of the instrumentation live and feature Pete Judge on trumpet.
The Clipper Tea commercial required something simple, earthy and uplifting with acoustic instruments.
With it's young audience and Saturday morning slot Live and Deadly needed a hard and driving track with a catchy hook.
The title music for True stories was written to evoke a sense of mystery and suspense.

Man vs Wild

Channel 4 / Discovery US - Seasons 2, 3, 4 & 5  Diverse Productions
In this brand new Primetime Emmy nomiated series, the world's ultimate survivor shows us how to stay alive in the most unforgiving conditions on Earth. Bear Grylls is no stranger to extremes. This ex-SAS soldier recovered from suffering a broken back in a parachuting accident to became the youngest person to summit Everest. The soundtrack is tense and driving to complement the immediacy and movement of the cinematography.

Caught in the Moment

Discovery US
10 x 60 mins
Tigress Productions

This Primetime Emmy nominated 10-part series catches rare and wild animal behaviours at critical moments in time.
The soundtrack is mainly energetic and fun. With 10 parts in the series, there was plenty of music to write. Very energising!

Beyond the Limit

Discovery - Seasons 1 & 2
14 x 50 mins
Tigress Productions

"...a stunning tour de force, easily the best documentary on Everest"

Discovery's 'flagship series' documents the two-month expedition of eleven climbers in their attempt to reach the summit. Season 1 features hard-edged guitars and gritty sounds, whilst Season 2 used pounding tribal rhythms and a dark evolving soundscape for the barren south-side of the mountain.

Dive to Shark Volcano

BBC / Discovery US
1 x 50 mins
A place with so many sharks it was dubbed "Shark Island" by the few who have been there. The film looks at how underwater volcanoes sustain a food chain that ends with hundreds of feeding sharks. Working with stunning imagery is always a joy, and we were doubly delighted when several scenes with our tracks on were selected for the DVD edition of the hit series 'Blue Planet'

Swarm Chasers

Animal Planet / Discovery US
2 x 60 mins
Oxford Scientific Films
Directed by Andrew Graham-Brown (EMMY, Jackson Hole and RTSA) this film explores the impact, behaviour and motivation of the Locusts and their devastating swarms.
Our brief was to underpin the various emotive perspectives of the locust swarm, as it's studied by two charasmatic scientists.

Natural Born Hunters

A fresh look at some of the most supreme predators in the animal kingdom, drawing from the BBC's Natural History Unit archive. On iPlayer. Not available. Supporting Content.

Tiger Shark Attack: Beyond Fear

Discovery US
1 x 50 mins

Tigress Productions
15 x 50 mins (Chelsea) & 4 x 50min (Other Gardens)
How an ecological and political row broke-out in Hawai after a women is mortally wounded by a Tiger Shark. An ensuing and ill-advised 'hunt' killing hundreds of sharks provoked outrage from local native communities and ecologists alike, and spurned a wealth of scientific studies to better understand the behaviour of this reveered animal. 

Edge of Existence

Five / Discovery US
4 x 45 mins
Tigress Productions / Granada

Donal MacIntyre tries to live at the absolute limits of human habitation. The series features some of the most spectacular locations in the world, combining survival know-how, journalistic observation, anthropology and physical challenges.

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