In 1994 Rob David and Dan Delor started working together when we joined Bristol band The Federation who recorded 3 albums for Mowax and Indochina, toured in the UK, Europe and Japan and the US. We have also played as session musicians with bands such as Massive Attack, The Blue Aeroplanes, Invisible Pair of Hands and were key members of The Mighty Ging.

After building their first studio in 1997, Rob and Dan started composing and producing music together. They began writing for picture in 1997 and by 2005 were regular contributors at many of Bristol's TV production companies. Since then they have been commissioned by company's throughout the world and are still regular players on the live music scene.

In 2011 Rob and Dan finished building a new studio complex in central Bristol, which has recording and other in-house facilities.

This currently also houses a new Publishing Company  - LuckyG Production Music Ltd co -founded with ex-Federation keyboardist Giles Luckes, which provides music from over 50 composers for productions throughout the world.

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